Come and learn first-line therapy for mothers with Perinatal Depression. We need more qualified IPT Therapists like you, so bring a friend and register now!

Dr. Vivian Polak, HBA, BMedSc, MD, FRCPC


Dr. Polak is a Perinatal Psychiatrist who educates and informs patients and practitioners about psychiatric illnesses and how to help each person achieve remission and overall wellness. It is not just about reducing symptoms. In addition to helping her patients to experience full remission from psychiatric disorders, she aims to help them to fully recover their true selves, to realise satisfying relationships, to overcome self-defeating patterns, and to achieve optimal physical and mental health while minimising the risk of future illness. In addition to Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Dr. Polak promotes a constellation of evidence-based lifestyle modifications around sleep, exercise, nutrition (a whole food plant-based diet), relaxation practices, and social connections, in addition to judicious medication use for some patients. 

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In this online, interactive IPT training workshop, we will cover the following:
  • a brief history of IPT
  • common factors - and what makes IPT, IPT - principles, characteristics, etc
  • when to use IPT
  • attachment styles
  • managing suicide risk in individual and group IPT

We will talk about the phases of IPT:
  • the timing and format of each session
  • tasks of each phase
  • specific techniques used

Practising each technique: 
I do live demonstrations of some of the techniques and show video vignettes of others (with examples from perinatal patients). We will do numerous break-out sessions throughout the training so that everyone can practice and develop some comfort and confidence using every technique. I aim to have each participant develop an ability to be able to do each technique by the end of the workshop. After I demonstrate a technique or show a video demonstration, you will be divided into groups of 3 - one will be the therapist, one the patient, and one the "observer". After the first person takes his/her turn and you've had a chance to have some discussion in your small groups, we'll come back to the larger group to share your learning points. You will then return to the break-out rooms to switch roles and repeat. So everyone really learns in a safe and supportive way and can leave the workshop ready to use the various skills. For those new to IPT, I will also be happy to recommend IPT supervisors.

Focal Areas of IPT: 
I explain in detail the four Problem Areas or Focal Areas of IPT, and how to determine which one to choose. This becomes the focus of the therapy.

I do a Q&A to cover any general or perinatal mental health questions people may have.

A certificate of completion will be given to those who attend the full training program. Participants can send this to the IPT Institute and after doing a brief test (takes about 10 minutes) that they send you electronically and paying their fee, they will then award you with a Perinatal IPT-A Certificate. With this certification, you can go on to complete the certification to become an IPT therapist, and eventually a supervisor, and/or trainer.

The training workshop takes place over 4 days in April 2023 - April 12/13, 19/20 over 4 1/2 hours each day, from 11am-3:30pm EST (Toronto time zone), and will include some mingling and networking time.

Super early bird rate: save $80 if you register before Jan 31, 2023. Free bonus--course workbook included!
Early bird rate: save $50 if you register before Mar 20, 2023.
Group rate: Save $25 per person if you sign up with a group of 3 or more (after Jan 31) -- invite your friends! 
The regular price of the training is USD $647. 

Student rate: $497 - please upload your student card and a letter from your program with your expected date of graduation (e.g., a screenshot of your acceptance letter). 

Rate for Low and Middle Income Country therapists: we have special rates so please email us for pricing information--we do not want the cost of training to prevent the dissemination of this highly effective and much-needed therapy. 

If you're in a higher income country, please consider if you can help by giving a donation--small or large, every bit helps!--to help fund those in low and middle income countries. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us: maternal wellness clinic at gmail dot com. We are here to help and can't wait to have you join us!

Prices are in USD.
Refunds: 100% minus $70 service fee up to March 20, 2023. After March 20, 2023, there are no refunds; however, you may transfer your spot to someone else.
  • Please email proof of student status and expected date of graduation to maternalwellnessclinic at gmail dot com.


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